I feel myself a stupid here sitting at my computer to write these words, and I feel a stupid because in effects I believe that it is stupid to cry so much for two people that I never knew. And instead I do it, more or less from two years, when I have known what was really happened. I remember everything as it was happened 5 minutes ago.  While I tried, in funny way, to translate that hated English from the official 15love web site…I can’t believe it. Without to notice some to me, I started to cry. The letters that I was reading had become opaque because of the tears, and while I read, there were those words in my mind…. 

you're symphonic, you're the light of the moon, how could I  forget you?” 

Those words so beautiful and so sad that Emm Gryner wrote for Jackie and Vadim.

I have known Jackie and Vadim thank to 15love, how all here in italy (I think) and I am remained shocked from their personality. Usually the guys can’t recite; here in Italy the tv proposes to us some plump children that they have the same expression when they laugh, when they cry, when they are angry, when they are shocked, etc… But in their expression and in their gestures, I saw something special, something true…in those smiles so solar and…AUTHENTIC!

Fro when I known about their death, I tried always to remember what I was doing in that moment, but unfortunately time was passed by now too much to remember. I hope only that I was not pulling a ball on the head of my companion or I was attacking one chewingum under the bench. I hope that I was doing something beautiful, but I hope that I wasn’t laughing. The thought that I was laughing while Jackie and vadim were dying, would be an ugly thing.

I know only that from that day to feel their names is a pain to my heart. Often I think what would have happened if they didn’t die. Often I think as 15love would be continued and to their careers, because I am sure about one thing:  they would have made much road.

 But I think also to the pain that that death has provoked to their parents, and also to the enormous weight on their hearts for all the life.

A wound impossible to heal, a pain so tearing that consumes us every day. The impotence sense.

I join to their pain, even if it will be surely minor.

I hope a day to go to their tombstones, so that they can see me from the sky, to unserstand to them that I am here, and that there will be always someone that will remember them forever, that their memories will not be forgotten. 

We’ll never forget you… 

You’re a star, a dream that never ends, fireworks around the bend, an angel on the river thames, you must know you’re all the lights on the new year’s eve, quiet on th raging sea, …

how could I forget you?