I never knew Jaclyn personally, because of our different nationality (I italian and she canadian), unfortunately. I saw her the first time in an episode of 15/LOVE television film. I didn't see that television film at the beginning, because I thought "It will be the usual stupid television film"; but a day, by chance, I watched an episode and I liked it immediately. The thing that struck me more, has been that smile that was present in about all the scenes...that smile notfalse (as the acting), but true, from the heart, from that beautiful girl with black hair, always present....from JACLYN! By that day, I continued to watch all the episodes of 15love, to laugh together Jaclyn and the others members of the cast (Laurence, Max, Vadim, Kyle, Meaghan and Sarajeanne). Every day, I looked forward that it's 4 p.m., to watch a new episode. I didn't know the sad reality yet. Some days later, I was searching for some informations and pictures about 15love in the web internet, when unexpectelly I read the title "THE TRAGEDY ON 15LOVE". And I asked to myself "What is happened?". I opened , timorously, that page and I have known the sad reality: Jaclyn and Vadim were died. ied in a car accident, while they were going to the set of 15love to shoot the 12th episode. I didn't believe at that I was reading. How could be happened this disgrace to two young guys who had a big desire to grow and who confront the life with a smile? It was impossible. I searched for others informations about that damned accident, and I read how it was been and how those two angels died. While I read, the tears began to wet my face. It wasn't a joke, unfortunately. Subsequently, I read an article written by Max Walker (one of the co-protanogist  of Jackie and Vadim in 15/LOVE ) that described what was happened when he and the others actors of 15love had the notice of the tragedy. The Max's description, about their state of mind, was very precise and heart-rending. While I read, I felt as I was there together to them. Max described also Jackie and Vadim's funerals, and because of that reading I cried for one hour about. The episodes that were on air  in that moment here in Italy, they were the episodes when Jaclyn and Vadim were still in life. Their smiles was very sad for me, because I thought "Now they aren't in life...". Then I known that their death would have been represent also in the television film...and it has been in this way that there was the 13 episode on air. I knew that in this episode there was their death, represented through a plan accident where Megan and Sebastien (their characters) died, and so I knew that at the end of the episode, I had cry. And it has been in this way.  When one of the characters told to the others characters "Meaghan and Sebastien  were among the passengers and...there aren't survivors..", and he throw a tennis ball on the floor, I cried. If I didn't know that they were did also in the reality, maybe I didn't cry more. But the thought that they died really, it was terrible. While I watched the scened of the 13 episode where allt he others acotrs cried, I did think "They aren't acting. Their crying is true...because they are thinking about their two friends that there aren't again..."

Yes, because Jackie and Vadim are died really...because of a stupid and maledect accident. Could the accident be avoided?I don't know...some people say  "yes". The only true thing is that the destiny sometimes is really cruel...too much cruel...much cruel to destroy  the dreams of two young adolescents, that they live the live with a smile...that smile of Jackie that now is closed in a coffin, but that it will shine forever in my, in yours, in OUR HEARTS, and that it will give to us the courage to go ahead in the life in the difficult moments.

My only desire is to go, ony day, to greet Jackie and Vadim on their gravestones, and to say hello to them....



Di Gregorio Stefania