(ENGLISH VERSION OF LESLIE W. (a jaclyn's teacher) )

I am so lucky to have my special memories of Jackie, both in the classroom, and in my home, being the little girlfriend of my son Joey.She loved the way
I was such a rule-bender(breaker), and would let her get together during lunchtime, with friends from other classrooms.She made it easy for me to do
these little things,as she was so good, I never worried.Every day I would get my hug and the little whisper..."I love you Mrs.W..I mean..Leslie..."

I was a teacher of Jackie's. My son Joey, was her little boyfriend when they were kids.I knew her very well. I also know the family very well.

Jackie was a wonderful girl, who got along with everyone. She never fought. She was a good student, and a kind girl.She was generous, and always a smile on her face!

Leslie W.