photographer Enrique Launi

pictures 1-2=  singer Nikki Yanofsky

pictures 3-4= a singer girl who will go to the St.George High school, as Jackie.

picture 5= the jackie's voice and singing teacher

picture 9= Larry Linetsky (on the right)

picture 10= jackie's brother Marc and sister Kelly (in the middle).

picture 13= Larry with Laurence Leboeuf and Kyle Switzer.

picture 14= Laurence Leboeuf

picture 17= Jackie's brother Derek.

picture 18= Meghan Rath, her brother, the singer child and Laurence.

picture 19= Mr.Larry with Vadim Schneider's parents.

picture 20= Kyle Switzer, Meghan Rath, Meghan's brother and max Walker.

picture 21= Mrs. Linetsky (terry) on the left, with familiar (note the girl in the middle hwo resembles to jackie..)

picture 23= Derek and Kelly.

picture 24= Larry and Terry with the head of the St.George High School.


The pictures are 144, but ti is a bit hard to put all here, so I put the more beautiful, with jackie's family and friends.