Jaclyn Michelle Linetsky (January 8, 1986 - September 8, 2003) was a Canadian actress. She was 5' 6" (1.68 m).

Linetsky was born and raised in a Jewish family in Montréal.[1] Upon her death, she lived in a Montréal suburb called Hampstead.

Linetsky dubbed the English voice for the title character in the preschool animated series Caillou between 2000 and 2002. She also provided the voices for Bitzi in the 2002 animated series Daft Planet, and Meg in Mega Babies.

She was among the class of 2003 from St. George's High School, Montreal; she was the valedictorian.Template:School records

In 2003, Linetsky was cast in a tennis-circuit themed dramatic show called 15/Love, for air on YTV. Her character was mutually falling in love with co-star Vadim Schneider's character. In an automobile accident near Montréal, Quebec, Canada both Linetsky and Schneider were killed while driving to the filming of an episode of 15/Love. Their vehicle, a rental minivan, lost control and collided with oncoming traffic

The website of the St.George's High School is: http://www.stgeorges.qc.ca/

This is the outline of what the name "jaclyn" means ( from http://www.zelo.com/firstnames/findresults.asp?name=Jaclyn)


Gender: Female
Origin: French
Meaning: To Protect

So, the name "Jaclyn" means "TO PROTECT".

And, this is the outline of what her second name (Michelle) means (always from http://www.zelo.com/firstnames/findresults.asp?name=Michelle&Submit=Find+It)

Gender: Female
Origin: French
Meaning: Who Is Like God?

So, her second name (Michelle) means "Who is like God?"


So guys, I don't know if these are the real meaning,,,so, if you find other meaning, please, tell me. :)