Welcome at the Jackie's memory Official Website. My name is Stefania, I am 20, and I am an italian girl. I want to create this website in memory of a beautiful and fantastic girl named Jaclyn Michelle Linetsky. I created this website with the help of Larry Linetsky,  Jackie's father, who sends to me a lot of Jackie's pictures and informations. So, please, visit this website to honor the memory of a girl that has been a star on earth and is a star on heaven : JACLYN LINETSKY! (R.I.P.). Stefy.


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(20th February 2010) I'm sorry if there aren't new updates in the website, but Mr.Linetsky is very busied in this period and he can't answer me. I will let you know soon new updates.Continue to visit the website.:) kisses. stefy

(28th January 2010) News in OUR FAN ARTS section. Five new fanarts from my friend martina. Thanks. Stefy

(8th January 2010) Today would be the 24th jackie's birthday. Happy birthdat little angel, we are sure that you see us from the sky and you are happy that we remember your birthday. I love you. stefy

(25th December 2009) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU EVERYBODY!!! :)

(29th October 2009) I uploaded the pictures about A NIGHT OF STARS! Go in the section "PICTURES" and click on "A NIGHT OF STARS PICTURES". Thanks so much to Mr.Larry, the photographer Launi and all the people who were there that evening.  stefy




























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