Guys, this is a new section in the wesite. In this section, I put a questionary that I did to Larry last days. Larry has been so nice to answer to all the questions. The questions are about Jackie and the accident... THANKS LARRY FOR YOUR DISPONIBILTY! Everytime that Larry say to me something about Jackie, I will put it in this section.

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(6th February 2007)

1. How and why you and your wife have called "Jaclyn Michelle" with this 
name (Jaclyn Michelle)? 
In jewish tradition, when someone is born, you can, if you want, name the child after someone who has died . 
You can use the exact name or the first letter of the name . 
Jaclyn michelle was how we named her using the letter j for someone who had died in my family the same for the letter m .
My other daughter had a baby last year . She gave birth to a boy and the name my daughter gave her son was Jackson Miles, 
named after Jackie .
2. How was Jackie at school?
jackie was an honour student. She always got great marks but she always worked very hard at school .
Jackie always loved to act in school plays and loved to sing and dance . 
3. At the beginning, did you (or your wife) prevent her to recite?if yes, 
when she had an audition for a voice over job or tv show or movie we
were happy but we were happy that Jackie was never depressed if she did not
get the job . She knew she could not get every job she auditioned for but
what was unbelievable was that she got most of them
4. When Jackie sang (Caillou's songs), what did she say?was she happy when 
she sang? 
jackie loved to sing and was excited to make the cd of “caillou’s songs” . 
I was with her in the studio when she recorded the cd  and we had a lot of fun even changing some of the words 
with the writers
5. When Jackie received her first job proposal, how she was?what did she 
jackie was always excited to go for an audition even if she did not get the part the fact she was asked to audition 
made her very proud
6. Was she happy to recite in 15/love?
for 15 love she auditioned and was told to come back again to audition again which was very good . 
Both auditions went well and she was told she had one of the leading parts but did not know which one .
Only after did we find out that her part and laurences they were not sure who was going to play which part.
7. Who told you her accident the 8 september?
On the day of the accident we received a phone call from the TV set, asking
us questions if Jackie had been picked up, because she had not been to work
yet. They tried to contact the driver on his cell phone but seeing as they
were in an accident his phone was not available. My wife and I, continued to
contact the set, I left my office to meet my wife at home. When I got home
there were six police cars outside my house waiting to tell me about the
8. How is the bedroom's Jackie now?Is it again equal before?
We have moved from our old house where we lived when Jackie was
alive. But for over 1 year, Jackie's room was kept the same; we did not move
or take out anything. As of now all of Jackie's clothes and personal
belongings are with us. We are deciding what to do with her clothes, we are
thinking about making some blankets. 
9. If jackie were here, what would you  want to say to her?
If I was ever able to see Jackie again, I would love to just hug and
squeeze her and tell her how much I love her. This was often a usual routine
for us when she was alive.
10. Would you want to say something to all Jackie's fans/friends of the world
that they are reading this questionary?
What I would like her fans to know is that Jackie
was a typical 17 year old girl who happened to have a lot of talent.
Regardless of her accomplishments she always worked very hard, and never let
her ego get the best of her.
11. And, now Larry...I would have a particular demand.... Coul you photograph 
Jackie's gravestone?and sent it to me here in email?
I visit Jackie's grave all the time, right now it is winter in
Canada, and there is a lot of snow on the ground. I will send you a picture
of her stone in the spring where there are flowers in front of it.
(20th February 2007)
I do not know if you know this or not but when Jackie was born and I saw
her for the first time I said out loud my little "muffin". From that day on I
always called her "muffin" as it became her nickname . all her friends and
family knew her as the "muffin" and even the cast sometimes called her "muffin". 
By Larry.
(7th March 2007)

Jackie is buried in a cemetery in montreal .
jackie loved janet Jackson as her favorite singer .
when she wasyoung she played basketball but tennis was probably her favorite sport .
she loved to dance and sing and always was in 2 or 3 plays a year that I guess
you could call her hobby . As for food she wasn’t a big eater but loved good
food . she did not eat fish and very little meat . she loved different kinds
of salads and loved Italian food . Larry.
(28th August 2007)
every september 8th I do not work and neither does my wife . We spend the day at the cemetary and you
can not believe how many people come to pay there respects and leave flowers .
People come to her grave all the time but on sept 8 ther e are a lot of people
.Last year people from all over the world lit a candle at 10.00 a.m all over
the world in memory  of jackie and  vadim. i will email some of the other sites
and ask people if they can to do the same .   you could help by  telling fans in
italy .
(3rd September 2007) 
Question: When did you and your family arrive to the hospital the day of the accident,
was Jackie still alive or she was already died?
On september 8th 2003, I left work to go home and be with the rest of my family when the car 
Jackie and vadim were in was missing . When I got home there were 5 police cars waiting to take us to the
hospital. We were told at my house that Jackie was dead . Actually it was on
radio and tv before we knew . At the hospital I had to identify Jackie . We found out after 
that she had died instantly on collision so she did not suffer . larry  
(7th September 2007)
This is an article that Larry and his family will write tomorrow in the Gazzette of Montreal, and he asked to me
to put it also in the website. 
In Memoriam
Jaclyn Michelle Linetsky
January 8, 1986 - September 8, 2003

Every day we appreciate how much you gave to us. 
We will always feel blessed to have shared in your extraordinary life.
Missing you now and forever,
Mommy, Daddy, Derek, Kelly, Marc and Jackson.  
Thanks, Larry.
(12th september 2007) 
When did jackie obtain the role of Megan in 15love, how has she reacted?
How did Jackie do when she returned at home after a day of work on 15love?
Jackie found out about  1 month before they started filming that she
had a part in 15 love . The only thing she did not know was which part .The
directors and producers were not sure if Jackie should be Meagan or the part
Laurence played . she did not care which part she would get  as she was very
happy to play either one as was Laurence .When she got the part she was very
excited . 1 week before filming began the cast director writer producer and
myself and the other parents were invited to the set where everyone met saw
where ther would be filming and went for lunch . it was unbelievable to see
how excited and friendly everone was . you can not believe how close all the
kids were . even though they spent all day and sometimes late nites together
they still found time to go out on weekends and days off . every nite when
she got home she would relax a little and always review her lines for the
next day . she was always very prepared . she would always tell us about her
day and  if anything special happened. One story sticks out in my mind . One
nite I asked her how was your day and I could see something special happened
by her tone but she didn't say anything . I finally said "come on Muffin tell
me what happened" . She begins to tell me that the director comes over to her
to tell her the scene they were going to film know was a hard one and that
they would probably have to redo it many times so not to get discouraged .
then he said they will film it know as a test and then review . the scene was
where Jackie had to eat pasta and talk at the same time . The director was
sure it would take a few times before she got it right . so they start
filming the scene she eats and talks and when it is over the director yells
cut . everyone and trust me there is at least 40 50 people watching and
working stands up applauds and they tell her she got it perfect on the first
try .she was so proud but Jackie did not want to tell me she would rather
talk about other accomplishments of the other actors . I was on the set many
times to watch all the kids work and I realized how talented and special
they all were .  Larry
( 7th March 2008) 
Dear stef I waited a few days to write you because I needed confirmation on the project iam doing. 
firstly I do not know if you know or not but I personally give a scholarship to a student in 
jackies school who excels in drama .i have also bought a special machine for the childrens 
hospitali through donations and my money that can detect hearing problems for children 
from birth until about 10 years old . this machine is portable and when needed can be taken 
to other hospitals in the city .ther is only one machine like this in montreal . for mr though 
I always wanted to do something special for Jackie but also for myself as maybe this will give 
me some peace . before I get to that I do not know if you know that Iafter Jackie died it 
took me one year to  get the government to grant me a inquiry into her death so I could find 
out what happened how it happened and how it can be prevented from happening again .
then it took me I year to preapare for the week in court and most if not all my questions 
were answered . The 2 years were stressfull on my family to a degree but I had to do it 
( 12th January 2009 )  
Question: What do you and your family do on 8th January (jackie's birthday)?
Hi stef  . Usually on jan8 I go to cemetery for a short time as it is cold in Canada  and there is a lot of snow .Family and friends call 
all day to find out how we are doing and I get a lot of emails . It seems to me that my wife and children as well as myself seem to be very quite  all day 
I guess because we  think about Jackie all day  .  we miss her so much  .larry